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Laura is 22 years old. She married at 20 and within 6 months she had a mortgage, two dogs and she was pregnant with her first child.

It seemed like life was complete, after all this is what she had wanted since she was 12 years old. A nice house, handsome husband and babies. The reality can be different however. Its in the day time, when the baby is at nusary, the husband is at work that Laura starts to miss the old days.

When she was a student, Laura never stuck to one boyfriend, she has admitted herself to going somewhat off the rails
when she left home for the first time. At home, her parents had let boyfriends stay over, but always in the spare room or on the sofa. Laura's dad would set his alarm for 4AM to walk by her room, just to check she was still alone in there. Laura didn't even attempt to sneak anyone into her bed in the middle of the night, she knew she'd be grounded and her life would be made difficult.

Having a room in halls of residence that was hers, to do with what she wanted, to do who she wanted when she wanted was a huge change. The sense of liberation was too much for Laura and she soon got into the habit of seeing 3 or 4 boyfriends a week, sometimes spending the whole day and night in her room getting kissed, licked and fucked.. just the way she wanted it.

Of course she had to control this behaviour in her last year of university as this is when she met her now husband, David. It was however a pretty wild comple of years that Laura remembers with a certain longing as she's sitting alone in her 4 bedroomed detached house, prepairing an M&S meal for one.

Laura was out for a drink with her friend Meili recently and told her how she felt. She didn't want to go back to her wild studend sex days, however she felt she needed something to fill the daytime void. This is where we all got lucky beacause Meili has, for 3 years taken calls on your faverote phone sex lines. Streight away Meili sugested that Laura try taking some phone sex calls in the day. It wasn't something that Laura had ever considered... "Do people still want phone sex?" she asked, "I thought it was all about internet porn these days".

"Oh people still want phone sex" replied Meili with a glint in her eye and a little giggle... "how many times do you think I've orgasmed today?" "MEILI!!!!!!!!" replied Laura, shocked but intrigued and before she could say any more Meili replied "7 times!".

Oh my god! Laura thought. Is phone sex REALLY that good? Well, the rest is history. Laura now makes sure she takes calls from the cheapest phone sex lines as she finds more people call these and they are genreally the horny type, the kind she used to enjoy those marathon fucking sessions with in uni.

So now, hubby goes to work, baby goes to nursery and Laura, far from feeling down in the dumps, waiting for everyone to come home indludges in her secret fantasy, moans, plays and cums all day with several different men, and she loves it! All in all a happy ending for all of us we think. Thank you Laura for sharing your story - long may the masterbation, phone sex and orgasms continue!

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