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Hi, I'm Katy. I asked if I could write something for the page about nymphomaniacs and phone sex. You see - I belive I'm truly a nymphomaniac, to the point that it could really get me in trouble one day.

I've been in all sorts of situations where my better judgment has screamed at me, Kate.... don't be stupid - just control yourself. Problem is at this point my pussy is usually wet and tingly, my nipples hard and my whole body shaking in anticipation of penetration. At this point I must feel something in me and I must cum.

I masterbate on the train, I've even used a dildo, sliding my knickers to one side with my hand up my skirt, my coat kind of covering what I was doing. I'm sure the guys closest to me knew what was up. They just stayed silent though. I AMMOST reached out and touched a guy's crotch who was standing next to my seat once while I was fingering. I did manage to stop myself doing that but the thought of it tipped me over and I moaned a bit as I enjoyed yet another public orgasm.

As my face flushed red I did notice a number of glances in my direction. I do feel a flash of shame in these situations but its soon overwhelmed by that blissful, post orgasmic haze and you'll see me with a trance like grin on my face for the rest of the journey.

Have I got into trouble having sex.... yes! Have I got other people into trouble.. yes again, but I managed to stop the guy getting fired.... we were eating in a bar in London, the waiter was hot! I mean really hot. I could see the outline of his cock through his tight black trousers and it was too much. I 'accidently' brushed my hand against the buldge and felt it jerk beneath his trousers. Its a good job my friends know what I'm like beacause all they did was roll their eyes at each other when I whispered in the guys ear to come meet me out the back in 2 minutes.

It was hard and fast - I pulled my panties to one side, leant back against the wall, put one leg up onto an industrial bin to me left and fucked me. He was already hard, I was already soaking. He pounded my pussy hole and we were rythmically in perfect harmony, me pushing into him as he thrusted that cock deep into me.

10 minutes passed, I knelt, and he started to stroke his glistening, hard cock over my face. I took the whole thing into my mouth, the tongue working the shaft and balls, I took him as deep as I could and it wasn't long before I felt the hot cum on the back of my throat and in my mouth. Mmmmmmm it was good.

Meanwhile, his boss was furious. After all the only waiter in the place had disapered for a full 15 minutes with no explanation. He found us, just after my hot waiter had shot his load into my mouth. At first he was furious and was going to fire the guy... but after I offered round two to the boss in exchange for the guy keeping his job we were all happy.

All this fucking is still not enough - I masterbate ALL the time so I'll always be good for phone sex. Call me now and wank off with me.

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