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We have some of the cheapest and best UK phone sex lines here and we want you to be 100% happy with the service we provide so this page clarifies some of the frequently asked questions about cheap phone sex.

Is phone sex safe? Yes! Your call is passed through a dispatch centre before you are put through to your chosen girls' home phone. She has no way of knowing who you are or where you are calling from.

Are the phone sex girls real? Yes 100%. Every number on this site is a LIVE 121 adult phone sex number. There are no recorded services here. Every line connects to a selection of real girls who are waiting for calls.

Are the phone sex girls really at home or in a call centre or office? The girls on call4fun all work at home. Your call passes through a dispatch centre that routes the call to the home phone of the girl you choose.

Can the girls talk about anything? Not quite, anything to do with illigal sexual activities is out as you'd expect. If you're not sure if you can play out the fantasy you want just ask.

Will I be judged for wanting to call a phone sex line? Not by us. This site is run by people who love phone sex for people who love phone sex. The girls do it beacause they enjoy it, they don't think men who call phone sex lines are perverts, just normal guys who like to have some NSA fun.

Are phone sex girls dirtier than other girls? They are more practiced at being dirty, thats all. Phone sex girls generally know the best ways to make themselves and you feel good through experience. A lot of guys phone sex lines just to have a woman talk dirty to them as their wives or girlfriends just can't do it. Its certainly a nack and its one that all the girls here seem to have.

Do your phone sex girls actually masterbate and cum with their callers?
Sometimes... obviously it depends on the caller. If all you do is breath and grunt then it may not be the biggest turn on, but if you put some effort in to it, tell your phone sex partner exactly what you'd like to do with her and create a fantasy scenario you can both enjoy then the chances are very high that she'll want to start playing with you.

Do phone sex girls use dildos or other sex toys while they talk? Again, yes... sometimes. All depends on the caller but the thing to remember is most phone sex operators love sex and love masterbating so as long as you take the time and effort to turn your phone sex partner on, anything can happen.

What information do you store when I make a phone sex call?
We must record all calls and keep them on file for a period of time to conform with Phone Pay Plus regulations. We also store a log of your phone number and the time and durations of any calls you make to our phone sex number. This is also required under guidelines. The circumstances under which we store this data are heavily regulated both internally and also by Phone pay plus and the data protection act.

Will you use my information to contact me?
We do send the occasional text message. Last year we sent 2 messages out so it is very occasional. We NEVER sell or pass your information to any one else and we will only contact you to tell you about things we think you'll like such as especially sexy new phone sex operators or special offers. Its no problem if you don't want these texts though, just reply with 'STOP' and we'll take you off the list.

What if I decide I don't like the girl I've chosen? No problem, she won't be offended. You can ether say thanks but its not working out for you or just hit the star (*) button and you'll be taken streight back to the menu so you can choose another girl. Don't worry if you crave somone different, just hit star and carry on getting horny with another girl. Maybe you can keep going and talk to 3 or 4 in one wank session!

What the hell are network extras? Ok - it can get complicated but basically these are an extra cost that your phone company add to all premium rate calls. These include the ones you see on the TV to vote for reality shows, right through to the phone sex numbers on this website. We have no control over it as its something that is entirely down to your network and its a charge that your network keep 100%. In short - it costs substantually more to dial a premium rate number from a mobile so if you can, use a landline as this will almost always be cheaper. Since every network puts a different charge on a premium rate call we can't tell you exactly what the network extra will be, but we do have a blog about it , Just click here to read more. Its always best to call your phone provider for clarification on this if you need to know exactly what you will be charged for a particular phone sex line (you don't have to tell them its a sex chat line btw, they won't check).

How can I contact your phone sex girls? Well, apart from the girls phone numbers we have listed all over the site for you to choose from, you can also interact with our girls via the blog, or our twitter page...

How can you offer live phone sex for as little as 36p per minute? Unlike other phone sex providers we don't buy any espensive advertising, we don't pay google £1000's for top placments and we don't put numbers in magazines or on the TV. This is how we can offer the best and sexiest phone sex girls for the lowest possable price. Its beacause of this that we rely on you guys spreading the word, tweeting, facebooking and google +1 ing us if you like what we do. So if you want to continue to enjoy the best phone sex girls at such a cheap price (we could give you crappy phone sex girls more easily - but we don't want that and nether do you so we won't) you have to help spread the word.

Can I meet girls on this site? This is purely a phone sex site. We provide annonymous sexual releaf over the phone. The girls on the other end of the line want the same thing so they will politely decline any request for personal information. They are not allowed to give out any details like this. Its for everyones protection.

What if I really get on with a girl and want to talk again? No problem, every girl has a extension number - just ask. She'll tell you what her extension number is and what time she's usually on so you can dial streight through to her next time.

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Calls Cost 36p Per Minute Plus Network Extras

Calls are recorded and cost 36p per minute plus network extras. Callers must be 18+ and have the bill payers permission.
We may send free promotional SMS. Send STOP to 89077 to opt out.
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