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Keri The Phonesex Operator

Young phone sex girl discovers she likes a finger up the ass...

Keri takes calls on this line most days in her spare time, she is just 19 and recently discovered that she loves getting a finger up the ass during sex. "I was with a guy who I work with on saturdays, we ended up getting drunk and going to his place beacause we couldnt get a taxi and his flat was only a 5 minute walk.

Things got a little x rated on the sofa, it started out as just snogging, but his hand was caressing my leg, each time going further up my inner thigh, my first reaction was to tell him to stop - but I didnt, I thought lets just see where this goes... after a while it was driving me crasy.

We were kissing as his hand was going up and down my leg, now his fingers brushed over my panties when they were up there - the next time his hand went up I grabbed it and held it there...

I gently guided his finger to my clit which was sooo ready to be touched and he started to carress it through my knickers. Usually I wouldn't have been that forward but his hand up and down my leg had started to make me so horny, plus the drink changes things :-) So I let my left hand wander up his leg and I felt somthing through his jeans - well he was really enjoying it - as my finger nails ran over the buldge I felt it throb a bit, as we carried on kissing, I felt his finger slip under the side of my now wet panties...

OMG!!! his finger touched my clit, without the layer of fabric and he moved it gently around... I couldn't wait any longer, I undid his belt and buton and slowly unzipped - his cock pretty much jumped out at me... I began jacking him off.. I just wanted to feel it in my hand - it felt sooo good, I needed it fast - I was totaly drunk and horny - I would have never done this normally, I dropped onto the floor in front if him, and let that hard cock slip into my mouth - I pushed as far as I could... I almost gagged but I kept pushing, in and out my lips tight around the shaft, slipping over the head and back down... I took the whole thing.

I got up, knelt over him face to face with one knee ether side of his legs and lowered myself onto his cock - my pussy lips stretched around his head as i let myself down ... mmmm it did feel good......

I rode him, slamming myself down onto his lap - it was almost painful, but in a great way so I kept on going. We kissed, his hands and lips were EVERYWHERE... then, SHIT.... I felt his finger... it was playing around my ass... I carried on riding his hard cock while his finger worked around my tight virgin asshole... then i felt it slide in. Again I normaly would have stopped this but i kinda wanted to know what it would feel like------- I SCREAMED - but in a good way - that felt amazing - and I came within seconds the hardest I have ever cum in my life.

Well you learn somthing new every day, you should hear me when I play for guys on the phone now - its not just moaning any more - when I'm ready to feel the real pleasure I just start to gently play with my tight hole - and push a finger up there while I'm rubbing my clit - I scream!!!! I sware I'll deafen somone one day... I have a few guys who call me every week when they know I'm going to be horny, why not let me play with my pussy and ass for you? I am not really in it for the money - I love getting off knowing theres a guy wanking on the other end of the phone - I guess I'm just strange for liking that but OMG I really really do!

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